You are worthy of self-love

Feeling worthy of something always felt like I needed proof.

Proof that I was enough. Proof that I was capable of doing more right than wrong. Proof from external factors like friends, family, boyfriends and coworkers that I was special. When it came to feeling worthy of having a confident self-loving relationship with myself, the need for proof was intense.

I thought that my past experiences dictate my future. If I couldn’t have loved myself in the past, what made me think I was capable of doing so in the future? If I wasn’t worthy of self-love back then, how would I miraculously be worthy of it now? I thought I needed proof.

My idea of proof was pretty unrealistic to be honest. I expected to make a complete 180 in my demeanor overnight. I thought just saying that I was working on my self-love would empower me to start taking self-loving action amidst my worst fears.

Fears that I wasn’t pretty. Fears that I would be made fun of by my peers. Fears that every insecurity of mine would be put on display. Fears that I wasn’t worthy of love.

But the bad habits of insecurities were hard to shake. It took time for me to realize that to commit to self-love meant that proof couldn’t lead the charge and that faith in myself would need to step up to the plate.

Realizing that I was worthy of being the confident self-loving woman of my dreams was not only possible but, not far out of reach, made hurdling over my insecurities and self-doubt easier. I realized my past experiences didn’t define me and I was the only person amplifying the narrative that they did. I realized that if I wanted to become my dream version of myself, I had to believe in something I never had before-myself.

To reach self-love, first you have to realize that you are worthy of elevating your relationship with yourself. Secondly, you have to have faith in your capabilities. Faith that you can make a change and it doesn’t need to be hard. That your past experiences happened to help guide you and that the future is directly influenced by the decisions you make today. The final step is to believe your place is on a throne even when you feel lost along your journey.

Being worthy of a great relationship with yourself doesn’t mean that you’ll never have dreary confused days, it just means that despite any pitfalls you hold yourself to a high standard. Believe that loving yourself will always lead you down the right path. You might not understand the path, but know that love will never mislead you.

Self-worth is the root of self-love. Love stems from your acknowledgment of what you truly deserve and you deserve to have it all. Isn’t it about time you started to live your life through that belief?

Ask yourself, “What am I waiting for?”


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