Why you need Self-Love Coaching

When people ask me what I do and I tell them I’m a life coach who specializes in Self-Love Coaching, I get a few different reactions. Mostly confused and uncomfortable faces followed by a comment of “Oh…I’ve never heard of that before.” or “Oh…that’s nice….” Usually trying to switch the conversation to anything else to help them feel less vulnerable as soon as possible.

Self-love, although advocated for more in todays times than ever before, is still something women feel uneasy about talking about it. Because if we admit that our relationship with ourselves needs hydration, to any degree, we feel insecure & we HATE feeling insecure right? It’s NOT fun.

But self-love is the necessary foundation for a healthy, happy, joyous life. It’s also the foundation for all other relationships in your life. If you don’t know how to treat yourself with love, respect and compassion, how are others supposed to know themselves?

One of the greatest aspects of self-love that I teach my clients is that self-love isn’t solely focused on verbal communication or advocation for yourself. It’s not enough to say, “I love myself”, “I love my body”, “Treat me with respect”, or “I deserve the best”. It’s not enough to say those things because without a true internal belief of those messages, those words are as weak as a house of cards & others can see right through it too.

Self-love and confidence don’t need to be verbalized. There are obvious signs when someone truly embodies self-love and confidence. They don’t have to tell you, you can sense the presence of those strong feelings a mile away.

It’s a beautiful and empowering sense to have a strong relationship with yourself, one that shines bright for not only you to see but others as well.


Because people interact differently with someone they know whom truly loves themselves and is confident. Others don’t test their boundaries with you, because you naturally establish them easily, firmly and comfortably with self-love. Others don’t question your actions. They trust that you know what’s best for you. They also know that opinions of others don’t get absorbed under your skin. Opinions of others are welcomed but if the opinion is negative or doesn’t reflect your truth, then it never crosses your mind again.

These effects of self-love are very empowering because they don’t need to be verbally communicated. Through my self-love coaching sessions and programs, I teach you how to develop self-love deeply so it becomes engrained in every cell of your body. The holistic practices I teach you, guide you to undeniable confidence and self-assurance.

That’s something that you can’t put a price on. That’s also something that very few people have. How amazing would you feel, walking into any space, any conversation, regardless of the environment you’re in or the presence of the people around you, and have a strong sense of self. Knowing you are worthy of being yourself and taking up space?

Pretty amazing right?!

Without self-love, without a strong sense of self and a healthy relationship with yourself, you become susceptible to unhealthy coping methods. Coping methods such as people pleasing, addiction, self-sabotage, and destructive relationship patterns, just to name a few.

While my holistic coaching methods do help you elevate and transform your relationship with yourself, there’s a much bigger part of the picture that I am passionate about. A piece that I believe is at the forefront of the self-love movement and that is the undeniable importance of nurturing the next generation of empowered and self-assured women.

It starts with you. We can’t expect change in the world, if we don’t change first ourselves. Let’s be real, technology has exploited our insecurities in a way like never before. Being glued to our phones everyday has created constant convenient accessibility to being reminded that we aren’t good enough as we are, that there are people out there who are better looking, funnier, more successful, wealthier, etc.

Social media platforms like Instagram praise unrealistic beauty standards. Before Instagram, women before us were reminded of the same unrealistic beauty standards from glossy magazine covers, television ads, and posters. Companies profit from our insecurities because if they can make us believe that we aren’t enough as is, then we’ll buy their products, we’ll invest in anything to make us feel better about ourselves.

Except what these companies don’t tell you is the team of experts, the time and money that’s spent, behind every glamorous photo, magazine ad, etc. The product alone, by itself, is weak and gives temporary relief. Self-love is permanent though. It solidifies your relationship with yourself and affirms your internal and external value-regardless of how you look on the outside.

If you are interested in reading more about how companies exploit female insecurities, read my other blog post HERE. I share a lot of great insight on this topic in further depth.

As a self-love coach, I am pursuing a world where women are real, women who are smart and pretty and happy to be who they are. Women who are authentic, confident, and passionate…Women who know their value. Women who honor their highest self.

That’s the world I am advocating for, for myself, my future daughter, my sister and her future children, and all other future generations.

But it starts with us. It starts with us investing in holistic tools and practices that affirm our relationship with ourselves. Practices and techniques that say, “Hey! I am enough. I am more than enough. Every part of me, the ugly and the pretty, are worthy of celebrating.” And then going out into the world and sharing that light of insight by practicing it in your daily life and encouraging other women to do the same.

We don’t need to be in competition with each other as women to be the prettiest, the funniest, the smartest, the wealthiest. We need to raise each other up by being kind and compassionate and respectful of one another. Another woman’s beauty, power, strength and poise, does not equate to the absence of your own version of these qualities. As your coach, I help you discover your unique variation of each and learn how to appreciate and step fully into loving your whole truth.

So it’s time to LOVE yourself.

It’s time to feel PASSIONATE about yourself!

Your relationship with yourself is sacred. First and foremost you are your own greatest, fiercest and most essential love.

I have a variety of options to help you elevate your relationship with yourself. Head to the link HERE to book yourself a free 15 minute self-love discovery call. I’d love to chat with you about how self-love coaching can change your life!


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