What is Self-Love Endurance?

Self-love and endurance are two terms you’ve most likely heard in separate contexts, but what the hell do they mean when combined? And how can focusing on self-love endurance make a difference in your life?

Before we answer those burning questions, let’s consider what these two words mean on their own.

On an individual level, self-love is the fuel that allows an individual to reach their full potential, and is filled with compassion, grace and gentleness. It is learning to extend kindness toward ourselves, even when we struggle and suffer. It is prioritizing ourselves and giving ourselves permission to find and believe in our strengths and gifts. It is making space to identify your needs and wants and setting boundaries for yourself and others in honor of what’s best for you.

While we acknowledge what self-love is, it’s important to note what self-love isn’t. Self-love is not perfection as perfection does not exist and is relative. Self-love does not mean you’re always happy. It is not based on your achievements and external measurements of success. It is not shame-based criticism or fear. It does not tolerate shaming, lying, minimizing, criticizing, fault finding, or beating yourself up in order to become a better version of yourself. And it is not about accepting your assets and covering up your flaws

Now moving into endurance, endurance is essentially our ability to fight through fatigue. Physically, it’s persisting through fatigue over a long period of time (for a marathon let’s say). But endurance is limited to our physical self. In the case of self-love endurance, endurance is also associated with resilience. Now resilience is similar to endurance, except it covers your mental and emotional self as well and those none physical variables of your life (such as misfortune and poor circumstances). You’re still fighting through fatigue and persisting through the challenge of wanting to quit, but you continue through. Developing healthy resilience factors and endurance techniques to help you continue to move past struggles as a stronger and better person (instead of allowing such traumas to hold you back) is what self-love endurance training intimately coaches you through!

Think about the times when you’ve felt like you’ve hit your breaking point. Life has seemed to just keep taking jabs at you. Your insecurities determine how you act or react to every situation, you constantly feel self-conscious about how other people perceive you, your not really sure if the people around you truly want the best for you and to top it off your calendar is so jam packed it feels impossible to have a strong healthy relationship with yourself mentally, physically and emotionally. Suffering from this self-love fatigue, you settle into these circumstances (hoping that one day things magically fall into place for you). But they never do, they lie dormant in our systems until one day we have just had enough and explode! (Metaphorically of course).

Self-love endurance coaching helps you to push past any past, present or future circumstances that lead to self-love fatigue and help you become resilient on the inside and outside so you can move through all the chapters of your life with grace, peace and happiness no matter what you have/will endure. This is achieved by utilizing holistic techniques to modify/expand your current lifestyle approaches to make lasting changes towards your relationship with yourself that will stand the test of time. (Or as I call it, little black dress energy!)

A few examples of exercises I typically share with clients to help them achieve their long-term goal of self-love endurance are:

-confronting your fears/insecurities head on
-creating an optimistic but realistic perspective on adversity
-getting acquainted with your higher self (your goddess self who knows what is truly best for you).
-maintaining your physical, mental & emotional health/well-being through self-care practices such as exercise
-finding humor in the darkness of our traumas
-reframing traumatic experiences as a platform for personal growth

No matter where you are on your journey to self-love, investing in your relationship with yourself is one of (if not THE most important investment you’ll ever make). Learning how to overcome challenges is a skill that will never go out of style and one that can be passed down for generations to come.

While you might not be interested in signing up for any marathons any time soon, we’re all in the great race of life. The race is long and hard and in the end it’s only with yourself. From where I’m standing, it’s better to be working as a team rather than against yourself.

Coach Elena

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