Waking Up-Feeling Beautiful

Seeing myself truly naked, used to make me feel unlovable.

I often times joked that I felt like a naked mole rat upon waking up. Covering up my physical insecurities with makeup and freshly styled hair helped me to feel better about myself and act more confident in my daily life. But at the end of the day, when I wiped the makeup off my face and took out my flowy hair extensions, I felt ugly-unworthy of unconditional love from myself and others.

I didn’t know back then that my inability to love my naked, raw and vulnerable self, would only further deepen the knife of insecurities in my heart. Not only did it affect how I saw myself through my own eyes, but others too. That’s the thing about insecurities, no matter how hard we try to keep it hidden, the more we suppress it, the more obvious it becomes to other people.

Self-love is truly an art form. Learning to love and appreciate yourself as a blank canvas and all the glory that it entails, is not a common practice in our modern world. Nowadays, society tells women, “More is more!” and that there is a product on the market that can cover up any insecurity they are embarrassed of.

What’s worse is that the beauty and fashion industry profits hundreds of millions of dollars making you believe that your naked, raw, vulnerable self is ugly. Why? Because your insecurities are a huge money making opportunity! If they convince you that your naked self is unworthy of love and attention, then you’re at their mercy. Preying on your insecurities, creating doubt, shame and a flawed POV of your bare self, means you’ll most likely buy their products. That’s a win for beauty product companies and a loss for women everywhere.

I don’t know about you, but to me, that feels like the most disempowering scheme ever!

Once I realized that I was a pawn in a much bigger game, I knew I needed to find a way to love the body I was given in order for a sacred relationship with myself to solidify. Having contingencies on how and when you’ll love yourself, holds you back from embracing yourself wholeheartedly.

As a Self-Love Coach, I have a deep internal belief that you need to elevate your relationship with yourself on the inside before the outside. In my self-love coaching programs, we work intensely on elevating your relationship from the inside out. But, I know many women are eager to start elevating their relationship with the exterior selves to feel tangible results ASAP, so I complied a short list of my favorite external beauty practices that help you feel beautiful the moment your feet hit the floor in the morning.

Some of these practices are 100% natural and traditional, while others are a little bit more modern, either way, they serve the ultimate purpose of elevating your relationship with your physical self. These are practices that I use in my personal life. Pick and choose which practices feel authentic for you and leave the ones that aren’t in alignment with you here. Just because something works for me, doesn’t mean it works the same for you & that’s okay.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

Do you tend to wake up in the morning feeling dry? If so, you’re not alone babe! When we sleep, we lose water from our skin, leaving our skin parched when we wake up. That’s why it’s essential to hydrate your skin well at bedtime to wake up with glowing skin!

I recommend hydrating your entire body with oil. Why oil? Because compared to lotions, oils penetrate deep into the skin, limiting the amount of water you lose from your skin at night while creating a natural barrier to toxins. I recommend a natural organic oil. Your body is sacred, a temple-it deserves to be nourished in products with ingredients that come straight from our Mama Earth and affirm the glowing Goddess you are. For all my skin needs, I turn to Paavani Ayurveda.

Make sure to also hydrate your lips well! When we sleep, we tend to produce less salvia which leads to less moisture in our mouths which directly affects our luscious lips. In my 90 Day program, Self-Love Rebirth, professional makeup artist Lauren, helps you understand which makeup products and techniques elevate your natural beauty best. Lauren recommends a lip sleeping mask at night to keep your lips hydrated all throughout the night. It also works great during the day too! You can order the lip mask HERE.

P.S For extra nighttime hydration, consider adding a humidifier onto your nightstand in your bedroom. Humidifiers ensure moisture flows even in the stuffiest of spaces. Don’t feel obligated to get anything too pricey. My husband and I use this one and it’s relatively inexpensive!

Bedding makes a difference!

How do you choose your bedding? Do you focus on the pattern most? Comfort? Fluffiness? What about the fiber content?

The quality and type of fiber of your bedding impacts your hair and skin a lot more than you think. Generic low quality bedding reduces your hairs ability to freely move around which creates knots, tangles and an overall mess when you wake up. While the bedhead look can be sexy for a night out, constantly needing to brush through knots every morning leads to hair breakage. Low quality bedding can also result in avoidable blemishes from surfacing. Who knew?!

Investing in high quality bedding, doesn’t only ensure a better nights rest, but decreases your prep time getting ready in the morning. Worrying less about managing your hair and skin helps you wake up feeling like your most beautiful self.

Silk is said to be the best fiber for hair and skin because the fibers from silk help to retain moisture from products and reduces friction that causes hair breakage.

In my experience, as long as the quality of the fiber you are using is high, you can experiment with different fibers aside from silk too. Personally, I am obsessed with the bedding from Parachute Home. I love the linen fiber because of how soft and earthy it feels. Linen is also a fiber that has anti-static properties and doesn’t cause frizz!

Yumi Lash Lift

Image by Lash Lift By Lisa

Long, lustrous, dark lashes are one of those aspects of beauty that is timeless. Long beautiful eyelashes look good on everyone and immediately gives a flirtatious feminine boost. But mascara can be such a pain to put on! Not to mention mascara makes your lashes more prone to breakage.

Eyelash extensions you say? While this is a great option for some women, it doesn’t work for everyone. Eyelash extensions are costly, require the same maintenance as an acrylic gel manicure (fill ins required every 2-3 weeks for best results) and can be irritating to the eyes. I tried eyelash extensions out for one summer and wanted to rip them out after my first two weeks! My eyes became extremely irritated and I didn’t like being limited to one type of lash style. (Personally, some days I like to have a more natural look and other days I like to boost the glamour up with mascara.) Eyelash extensions have limitations to those personal desires.

Recently I discovered lash lifts and I am obsessed! Lash lifts ultimately curl and tint your natural eyelashes, giving you a fresh ready for anything look. The best part, you can wear mascara too! In my experience, applying mascara to my eyelashes with a lash lift treatment, makes applying mascara much smoother.

Waking up in the morning and feeling beautiful with the subtle lift, curl and tint of a lash lift, helps you to feel beautiful naked. There are days when I truly don’t even wear makeup because I feel so naturally beautiful thanks to the lash lift. It’s subtle but makes a huge difference in how I feel. The results also last up to 2 months and are cheaper than eyelash extensions.

For my Long Island babes out there, I see a stylist named Lisa from Lash Lift By Lisa in the Massapequa area. She is amazing! I highly recommend her Yumi Lash Lift services. You can find her Instagram account HERE.

You’re already beautiful

I truly believe that every woman is naturally gorgeous and should wake up feeling that way every day when she looks in the mirror, prior to putting any makeup on or curling a single strand of hair. I hope these 3 beauty practices helped get you excited about falling in love with yourself, truly naked.

You are worthy of loving yourself in your most raw and bare state.



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