Simple Medicine For Feeling “Enough”

Ahhhh smell that fresh air! Clean, therapeutic, revitalizing.

While cracking a window is a great start to connecting to nature, taking a step further (literally) into the great outdoors is one of the most gratifying approaches to self-care (and pretty cost-effective too).

Nature is a wonderful resource that has holistic healing benefits that can’t be ignored. People who spend more time outside, feel less anxious, depressed and stressed. Nature engagers also find the ability to concentrate and focus easier than those indoors. Overall nature has a grounding effect that never goes out of style (unlike technology, yes iPhone I’m talking about you!).

Humans and nature are deeply intertwined. In our modern world, it can be easy to get caught up on the daily grind of a 2023 lifestyle (running around from place to place, sitting in traffic, and being sedentary in an office space with a window view being considered top tier). Don’t get me wrong, modern living has its pros for sure! Let’s just say I’m glad we got to skip the discomfort of wiping with a leaf, but there are some times when getting outdoors is necessary to heal our insides from the chaotic wear and tear of modern times.

Whenever I’m feeling stressed out, a 45 minute walk outside at my local nature preserve can quickly boost my mood and give me the clarity to make choices that are in alignment with my higher self than if I had stayed at home reeling over what to do. It’s a gift (that is often free might I add!). Wherever you are located in the world, you can most likely find a few spots close to home outdoors. For me, I rely on my local boat beach, nature preserve, and flower nursery as my personal oasis’s. The smell of the fresh sea salt air, the small pebbles clashing with my running sneakers, or the view of colorful rows of flowers quiets my busy mind and centers my energy on what really matters in life: giving/receiving love as often as possible, happiness over perfection, & prioritizing a healthy relationship with myself.

But sometimes it can feel tri-fficult (to quote Bingo from my daughters favorite cartoon show) to find the time to get outdoors. Life gets busy and seasons change. But nature is a resource we can pull from even when the weather or our busy schedules are less than favorable. A simple walk around your block can serve as simple medicine. I personally love to take a walk looking at Christmas decorations when it’s chilly outside to connect with my creative side. And sometimes, we have the power to create our own unique connection with nature. Consider setting aside a special space outdoors that helps you connect with nature anytime you please. My husband and I built a pergola outside in our backyard with a clear roof. Hanging gracefully below, are LED solar panel powered twinkling lights, and a small comfy seating area. Sometimes when it’s raining we’ll sit outside and just watch the rain nourish the Earth, it’s incredibly restorative and only steps away from the inside craziness of life with a toddler! We also have a family garden in our front yard. Eddie, Persephone and I each picked a flower we felt represented ourselves and interact with our floral selves often when we need to find energetic connections beyond. It’s a small gesture but it works wonders!

However you connect with mama Earth, make it a point to do so as frequently as you can to balance yourself. You’ll most likely find answers to your most burning questions and be reminded of how valuable you are. It’s easy to get caught up in the busyness of life. Too much unfiltered busy movement creates friction which creates unfortunate space for us to question our worth and if we’re really doing a good-enough job out there. Let nature remind you of how incredible you are so you best self can shine through like God intended.

Coach Elena


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