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you're not alone babe

I know what it's like to feel insecure, lost and want to escape yourself.

In a world where "perfect" aesthetics are praised, everyone freely voices their opinion of you, and a long to do list of things to attend to, it's easy to convince yourself that you aren't enough. That you aren't pretty enough, smart enough, funny enough, capable enough or worthy of having the healthy loving relationship of your dreams with yourself. This heavy feeling of self-doubt makes you feel insecure, self-conscious and battle-like. But it doesn't have to be this way. You can feel at peace with where you are in your journey, love yourself and become confident in who you are. You just need to take the first step to get there.


curated programs


Expertly crafted programs designed to help you revitalize your

relationship with yourself

in as little as 60 days!


À la carte sessions


Individual or packaged sessions based on

your unique goals!


Fitness Training


Accentuate your physical wellness with intimate exercise training!

(in person or online)

the self

worth awakening

60-day program

This is a jump start program to help guide you towards adopting the realization that you are worthy of loving yourself.


This is a 3 step program to ultimately guide you to establish a solid foundation of self-worth & self-care. The 3 steps that we work on in this program to give you that result are:


1. Unearth past experiences that have shaped your

beliefs about yourself today.


2. Align & synchronize your body, mind & spirit to

revitalize your relationship with yourself.


3. Elevate your self-worth through various self-care

practices that embrace your dearest, most beloved self.

it's time to feel
worthy of love.

"...i am happy to be with myself..."

Before working with Elena, I felt stuck in life and felt like I wanted to give up on my personal goals. I also struggled with my body image while being pregnant. Elena's services challenged me to confront my uncomfortable feelings about myself. Her program made me appreciate myself and my worth more. I am now able to love my body and mind and am excited to be my best self for my newborn baby.

- Jeanine, age 39

fall deeply,
madly in love

the self

love rebirth

90-day program

This is my signature success program.


Your ultimate result from investing in this program: fall head over heels in love with your true authentic self. We achieve this result through 5 steps:


1. Elevating your confidence to guide you to feel secure about

who you fundamentally are.


2. Stop comparing yourself to others’ and worrying

about others' opinions of you so you can focus on yourself.


3. Transform your insecurities so they no longer control you.


4. Appreciate your inner beauty, your inherent

gifts, beauty and talents.


5. Accentuate your exterior beauty, fully

embodying the Goddess you are!

The Signature process

Book your initial
'I'm Worthy Of More'

During this FREE 20 minute discovery call, we'll chat about your personal wellness goals and how my self-love coaching programs affirm your value, empower you to demand the best for yourself, and lead you to loving yourself from

the inside-out.

Choose your
coaching program

Philautia Coaching honors each woman and their journey individually. There are a variety of coaching services to meet you exactly where you are (no matter the budget/time). Together, we'll determine the best next steps for you to take!

Take empowered action
throughout the program

After you commit to yourself, you will be challenged to take empowered action. I'll be guiding you every step of the way. The actions you take help transform you into the confident self-loving woman of your dreams.

Celebrate your

Step into love! No matter the program, committing to yourself and prioritizing your relationship with yourself is no simple task. This is the point where we celebrate your transformation from not feeling good enough, to knowing you are more than enough!

you deserve
the best!

À la carte sessions

Individual or packaged sessions

Self-love looks different for everyone.


We don't all have the same schedule, time, budget, goals, etc.


In some instances, individuals sessions are the best route to ensure some "YOU TIME".


Individual sessions are available as a one-time purchase or save money by investing in a package of multiple sessions.


À la carte sessions are based on your unique goals!

" life has changed drastically..."

Before finding Elena's coaching program, I lacked confidence in myself and struggled to make healthy habits apart of my daily life. Elena made me feel comfortable right away. I always felt cared for and never judged. After a couple of weeks, I noticed major changes in myself. My life has changed drastically since working with Elena. I've created healthy habits that make me feel happy and confident in myself, which I didn't think was possible before.


Fitness Training

in person or online

I'm a little bit different than other self-love coaches.




Well, I'm a little vain myself.


I approach self-love with an inside-out approach. I believe that while elevating your relationship on the inside, you can also do so on the outside.


Get fit without hating the pounds away!


My approach to fitness training teaches you how to love moving your body throughout your daily life. The effects of learning how to move your body with love creates long-term effects of a healthy happy body!


Worried your not fit enough to start working out?


Don't sweat it! (Literally)


All fitness sessions are custom designed for YOU,

ALL levels of fitness are welcome!

your body


you are worthy

of love.

Want to know the 5 habits making you feel insecure?

enter your email below for a quick-start to feeling more confident.

Want to know the 5 habits making you feel insecure?

enter your email below for a quick-start to feeling more confident.