If FEAR wasn’t part of the equation, how would your life look different?

Fear. Discomfort. Uncertainty.

Those are the words that cripple me more than anything.

Fear fills me with self-doubt. Discomfort floods me with anxiety and uncertainty keeps me playing small.

For as long as I can remember, fear has always been part of the equation of life (a part that I’ve had a love-hate relationship with). I hate fear for all of the same reasons most people do, it backs me up in a corner, igniting my survival instincts. Sometimes fear is the swift kick in the ass that helps me take action, but most times, it leaves me feeling vulnerable.

Fear is the emotion that either makes us settle for safety or inspires us to take the leap towards the unknown possibilities of more.

In 2019, fear lead me to Life Coaching.

I was in my second year working at a corporate Interior Design firm on Park Avenue and I was miserable to say the least. I felt passionless towards the company I worked for and exasperated towards most of my colleagues. I was drowning in student loan debt, bitter commuting 4 hours a day between Long Island and NYC, and anxious thinking about doing this everyday for the rest of my life. (GULP!)

I knew of was worthy of more, but I was afraid of what was on the other side of looking for a new career path. What if I failed? What if I couldn’t make the rent? What if I fell flat on my face? The what ifs held me back from exploring new career opportunities for months until my emotional breakdowns (living a life I was so clearly unhappy with) become too loud to dismiss any longer.

A reiki energy healer had mentioned years prior that life coaching could be a good fit for me. With that little bit of intel, I decided to dive head first into fear and enrolled in a Life Coaching program.

Since then, fear has wedged its way into every equation of my life coaching business. The what ifs show up right on schedule, encouraging me to doubt myself-every time. The what ifs taunt me, leaving me wondering how far down I’ll fall if the what ifs are right. These are the times when I reflect on the comfort of having an office job, knowing I’ll always have a paycheck with the same amount of money each week.

But I know that would be the path of settling for a mediocre life.

It’s a choice to settle for less than you deserve. YES, it can be terrifying to demand the best for yourself, because that means opening the door to discomfort and uncertainty, but exposing yourself to those tough emotions always leads to a fulfilling life of quality.

So ask yourself where in your life are you settling? Where are you letting fear dictate? And ask yourself, what could your life look like if you had the confidence to stand up against the what ifs?

Elevating your relationship with yourself is the BEST way to build your confidence and affirm your value. My self-love programs empower you to demand the best for yourself and helps you overcome fear, discomfort and uncertainty so you can lead a life you are proud of-a life you are PASSIONATE about! A life that is worthy of YOU!

Life is too short to settle. Fight for your happiness. Fight for you…(because nobody else can).

I promise, you’re worthy of MORE!


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