How self-care can elevate self-love

I love having an array of self-care practices!

Self-care is a maintenance practice. It’s a combination of tools, resources and rituals that you can lean into to show yourself self-love. Self-love is the foundation of a house, self-care is the pretty painted walls inside. Without the foundation, the walls never go up and without the pretty painted walls, the house is a lackluster place to live.

Most women limit their self-care rituals to a face mask from Sephora every once in a while or a manicure pedicure, but self-care is so much more than that. Self-care is needed physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Consistent self-care maintenance for all of these key areas makes the journey of self-love enriching and fun!

You can have a daily self-care ritual, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, seasonal or even annual. I recommend starting with a daily and weekly ritual and then checking in with yourself which rituals could be useful to incorporate into your self-loving practice long-term. There are some practices that I do daily such as washing my face with organic products, drinking enough water and meditating and there are some that don’t require the same timeline such as getting monthly massages, check ups with wellness practitioners, and long walks on the beach.

In my ‘Self-Worth Awakening’ coaching program, there is an entire session dedicated to helping you make an enriching self-care routine that supports your best self. I believe that as a confident self-loving woman, you should be equipped with a multitude of self-care rituals. Once your toolkit of self-care rituals is broadened, you’ll be amazed by how incredible you feel!

But a broader toolkit and consistent effort is only part of an effective self-care practice. The other important part is to treat your routine as a sacred ritual. While no prayers are required to have a sacred self-care ritual, you should treat every self-care practice as respectfully and with as much intent as you would in a known sacred setting.

That means if you have a self-care ritual of having an afternoon tea check in with yourself, don’t allow coworkers, friends, or family to disturb you. Turn your phone on silent or put it away altogether. Treat all your self-care practices with high regard. If you always treat your self-care rituals this way, you will start to notice a tiara as a state of mind; you will wear your crown of worth with pride.

Self-care is the fun layer of elevating your self-love! There are hundreds of self-care practices that you can start implementing into your routine today. A few of my favorite self-care practices are exercising on my Peloton, reading a book before falling asleep, getting monthly massages, weekly manicures and rubbing warm oil on my body after a nice steamy shower.

Self-care is any action that makes you feel good and improves your overall wellness. Get curious about how you can start implanting more self-care practices into your routines to start elevating your self-love today.


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