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to be the woman you were born to be.

what is self-love coaching?

I'm so glad you asked

Self-love isn't just about treating yourself to mani-pedi's or the occasional blow out (although those things are nice!) Self-love is about building a healthy relationship with yourself.-your WHOLE self

(i.e even the parts about yourself that you wish you could swap out). If that feels like an impossible task to overcome on your own, that's where I come in! I guide you to find true self-love and acceptance through my signature process of elevating your relationship with yourself from the INSIDE-OUT!

life's too short to be
at war with yourself

The Signature Process



it's time to love yourself

from the inside-out!

" life has changed drastically..."

Before finding Elena's coaching program, I lacked confidence in myself and struggled to make healthy habits apart of my daily life. Elena made me feel comfortable right away. I always felt cared for and never judged. After a couple of weeks, I noticed major changes in myself. My life has changed drastically since working with Elena. I've created healthy habits that make me feel happy and confident in myself, which I didn't think was possible before.




to love one's self

Philautia is recognized in Greek as self-love. It is the deep regard for one's self, one's own happiness and interests. Love always starts within oneself before anything (or anyone) else. It is the foundation for all other relationships! Philautia is the beginning: the essential centerpiece that opens the door to unconditionally loving yourself, others and the world!

you matter

my story

You can't pour from any empty cup

(trust me i've tried)

Self-love used to be a fairy tale concept that I thought only existed in romantic comedies. In my adolescent age, I had accumulated layers of insecurity issues that threatened the vision of the woman I wanted to be-

the woman I wanted my daughter to look up to.


The woman I envisioned was confident! She was self-assured in her inherent talents, gifts and beauty. She didn't compare herself to others or worry about what other people thought about her. She knew her worth. She knew her relationship with herself with sacred.


But there was a huge gap between the confident woman I envisioned and the insecure girl I saw in the mirror...


I knew that if I didn't prioritize my relationship with myself, that my daughter would fall prey to the same struggles of self-doubt, insecurities and worrying about other people's opinions of herself-the vicious cycle would continue unless I took action...


I've dedicated my life to finding holistic effective practices to help women elevate their relationship with themselves so they too can stop settling for less than they deserve and demand the BEST for themselves!




Because first and foremost, we are our greatest, fiercest and most essential love. In order to nurture the next generation of empowered & self-assured women, we need to lead by example!

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Want to know the 5 habits making you feel insecure?

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